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December 2019

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Strategy for Improving Service Quality and Organizational for Optimizing Hospital Management Information System with the use of Mandatory Systems
Authors: Rizkiyatul Amalia | Saiful Bukhori | Ancah Caesarina Novi
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Hospital Management
Information Analysis of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever with Geographic Information System in Nganjuk 2018
Authors: Eiska Rohmania Zein | Sri Hernawati | Saiful Bukhori
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Information Analysis
Study of the Role of Government and Community Participation in Stunting Countermeasures System in Lumajang Regency
Authors: Farianingsih | Isa Ma’rufi | Dewi Rokhmah
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Government and Community
Comparison of Mastication Status in Ameloblastoma Post Segmental Mandibula Resection Lc Type with Plate and Kirschner Wire Mandibular Reconstruction in Dr. Soetomo General Hospital
Authors: Anggun Pribadi Utama | Maryono Dwi Wibowo | Urip Murtedjo
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Dr. Soetomo General Hospital
Relationship of Vitamin D Serum Levels with Recurrence of Breast Cancer in Premenopausal Patients with Locally Advanced Hormonal Dependent Breast Cancer with Tamoxiven Therapy in Dr. Soetomo General Hospital
Authors: Anike Natalina Sirait | Hantoro Ishardyanto | Eddy Herman Tanggo
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Vitamin D Serum Levels
The Relation Between Vitamin D Level and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Level in Blood to Nodular Thyroid Carcinoma
Authors: Rio Marthin | Dwi Hari Susilo | Maryono Dwi Wibowo
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Vitamin D Level and Thyroid Stimulating
Sea Food Consumption Relationship to the Dental Caries Numbers in Public Elementary School ff Mulyorejo I-237
Authors: Satria Dhamirafii
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Sea Food Consumption
The Effect of Thyroidectomy on the Quality of Life in Health Aspect of Nontoxic Multinodular Goiter Before Surgery and After Surgery
Authors: I Made Mahandhika | Maryono Dwi Wibowo | Dwi Hari Susilo
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Nontoxic Multinodular Goiter Before Surgery
Comparison of Vitamin D Receptor Expression On Breast Cancer Tissue with Bone Metastasis and Without Metastasis
Authors: Rilian Kaligis Mandang Walukow | Hantoro Ishardyanto | Willy Sandhika
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Comparison of Vitamin D Receptor Expression