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January 2020

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Satisfaction Level on Pregnant Mothers to Integration of ANC service in Decreasing MMR and IMR Based on Pregnant Mother’s Characteristics

Authors: Aini Hidayati | Al Munawir | Ancah Caesarina Novi Marchianti
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Quantitative Analysis of Mercury on Marine Life in Various Depth Level using Spectrophotometric Method
Authors: Dewi Titah | FX Ady Soesetijo | Ristya Widi Endah Yani
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Analysis of Mercury
Resource as a Readiness Dimension of Boarding School Community in Formation of Information Center and Teenager Counseling in Jember District
Authors: NugraheniTriana Putri | Al Munawir | Dewi Rokhmah
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Public Health Education
Study of the Role of Government and Community Participation in Stunting Countermeasures System in Lumajang Regency
Authors: Farianingsih | Isa Ma’rufi | Dewi Rokhmah
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Public Health Education
The Influence of a Cost Sharing Policy on the Satisfaction of Participants in Health Care Through Perception
Authors: Frida Ayu Karisma | Ady Soesetijo | Dr. Dewi Rokhmah
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Public Health Education
Performance of Surveillance of Program Indonesia Sehat in Puskesmas Regional Area of Jember District
Authors: Rakhmawati Riswandha | Ancah Caesarina Novi Marchianti | Viphindrartin Sebastiana
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Medical Science