Life Member

 Life Member

Life Member (LDASS) are expected to use analytical concepts in their research studies. They should be aware of managerial decision making, research performance, sustainability, and global environmental issues. Life member develop skills and research methodology and importantly must produce a work–based project.

  • Knowledge Descriptions: Has advanced practical, conceptual or technological knowledge and understanding of a subject or field of work to create ways forward in contexts where there are many interacting factors. Understands different perspectives, approaches or schools of thought and the theories that underpin them. Can critically analyse, interpret and evaluate complex information, concepts and ideas.
  • Skills Description: Determine, refine, adapt and use appropriate methods and advanced cognitive and practical skills to address problems that have limited definition and involve many interacting factors. Use and, where appropriate, design relevant research and development to inform actions. Evaluate actions, methods and results and their implications.

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