Dama Academic Scholarly & Scientific Research Society formally came into being registered to operate by the registrar-General’s Department and serves as an ideal professional platform for both the established as well as budding authors for getting their research’s published at an earlier date. Since inception (in 2016) we have believed in providing high quality research work at reasonable prices.

Our editorial division comprises of experts, who have been using state-of-the-art methods to provide the research fraternity with content enriched products. Needless to mention, we match international standards in designing, typesetting, printing and binding. Dama Academic Scholarly & Scientific Research Society is ready to promote authors globally and we invite authors to join hands with us. Dama Academic Scholarly & Scientific Research Society accepts submissions in English in publication in the following Scientific Research Journals:

  • Dama Academic Scholarly Journal of Researchers
  • Project Management Scientific Journal
  • Scholarly Journal of Mathematics & Science
  • African Journal of Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Scientific Journal of Engineering & Pharmaceutical Science
  • Finance & Management Engineering Journal of Africa

Dama Academic Scholarly & Scientific Research Society is an international platform for researchers, inventors, scientists, engineers, managers, doctors, and professors involved in all streams of research with the purpose of publishing high-quality research and review papers.

Dama Academic Scholarly & Scientific Research Society offers research papers, authentic surveys, and review papers by researchers from various fields and facilitates communication between distinguished individuals who have significantly contributed to the development of the research community. The content includes original research and innovative applications from all streams of knowledge, including science, business, medicine, technology, and sociology, and thus promotes better insights into the state of philosophy and the latest trends in technology. Dama Academic Scholarly & Scientific Research Society presents unpublished materials which are subjected to a rigorous evaluation with an exceptional review at the discretion of our meritorious Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board of our journals reports on the latest research in frontier areas of the fields of computer science, engineering, business and management, social science, and medicine. The process is conducted meticulously to protect the fine quality of published content.

Dama Academic Scholarly & Scientific Research Society is a premier research paper publisher with a global reputation for publishing quality journals and services which cover all streams. Our internationally recognized publishing program incorporates wide array of disciplines from computer science to management and medical sciences.

Dama Academic Scholarly & Scientific Research Society

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