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Hanged, Drawn and Quartered or Goya after the Chapman’s
Author: Parveen Adams
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Hanged, Drawn and Quartered
Global Health Experiences for Pre-medical Students
Author: Suresh K. Pavuluri
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Global Health Experiences
Premarital Sexual Intercourse Behavior to Adolescents in Tenda Village of Hulonthalangi Subdistrict, Gorontalo City
Authors: Srikit S. Nurkamiden | Mappeaty Nyorong | Stang
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Premarital Sexual Intercourse
The Influence of General Fatigue Levels on The Work Quality of The Officers of The Railway Crossing Doorstop in The Operating Area VII Madiun Region of Nganjuk Regency
Authors: Djoko Windu P. Irawan | Sri Poerwati | Denok Indraswati | Dewi Ayu Purbaningrum
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General Fatigue
Job Stress, and Health in Nurses: the Mediating Role of Experience
Author: Deanna Stewart
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Nursing Job Stress
Spatiality and the Lives of Nursing Students
Author: Peter Gray
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Spatiality Lives
The Effect of Low Impact Aerobics to Blood Pressure and Hemoglobin of Hypertensive Sufferers in Telaga Biru Community Health Centre Gorontalo Districts 2018
Author: Dr. Wenny Ischak S.ST, M.Kes
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Blood Pressure & Hemoglobin