Volume 1 Issue 11

Global Share Market Integration and Diversification: A Study of Asian Emerging Market
Tan Kok Loong & Wong Pik Har

Assessing the Challenges of Procurement Outsourcing; A Study of Owere Gold Mines Limited.
Joseph Afari Buabeng

Evaluating the Experiments of Procurement Outsourcing in Ghana.
Joseph Afari Buabeng & Evans Adjei

The Significance of Infrastructure in a Country’s Growth
Dr. David Ackah – Ph.D., CPMC

Pros and Cons of the Uber Economy
Dr. David Ackah – Ph.D., CPMC

Evaluating the Aces and Frauds of Supply Side Economics
Dr. David Ackah – Ph.D., CPMC

Adolescent Sexual Behavior Againts Incident Early Age Pregnancy in Class X SMA Negeri 1 Teon Nila Serua (TNS) Central Maluku District 2016
Lukman La Bassy, Ira Sandi Tunny, Ulima Asni

The Effect of Deep Breath Relaxationt Technique Towards Painful Scale Reduction On Post Apendectomy Patient In Male Surgery Room Of Rsud (Local Public Hopital) Dr. M. Haulussy Ambon 2016
Risman Tunny, Aulia Deby Pelu, Takimpo Firman

The Factors Related to Occurrence of ARI (Acute Respiratory Infection) on Pre-School Children in Working Area of Kairatu Public Health Center, Western Part of Seram Regency 2016
Wiwi Rumaolat, M.S.J. Malisngorar, Epi Dusra, Ulima Asni

The Factors Associated with the Low Interest of Contraceptive Device Use on Fertile Age Couple in Patinea Hamlet, Western Part of Seram Regency 2016
Hamdan Tunny, Karyadi, Ibiham Samium, Hafis Makayaino, Dewi Sitra

TThe Relation Between Health Locus of Control and Compliance of Diet Management Type II of Diabetes Mellitus in Piru Hospital, Western Part of Seram Regency 2016
M. Taufanfan Umasugi, Ira Sandi Tunny, Yohannis Tappang, Ulima Asni Rumadauth